Wednesday, 7 September 2016

B-day Love message

and lastly but not the least

on my B-day....

it sucked
i was working

should have booked my vacation
but is ok
tomorrow I AM COMING ......!!!

my lovely South

hmm... yes

as it sucked to work on your B-Day

i just went outside to buy my lunch
and out of nowhere in the queue
a stranger
an old guy behind me

"hey !! Happy Birthday !"

it made me smile
i felt a bit startled
cause the cashier said it not
so out of where the man said it?

that single event
aims to prove that

the Universe KNOWS IT

and it showed it to me in that way

so is later i realised
that it is a Certainty that develops in you
when you realise that Universe knows it ALL

so if one believes in that Unity and Oneness
in that Knowing of it all

i felt it could be real amazing
to live life from that place of knowing that Universe knows
and paves the path ahead of time for you to be able to walk on it
but is only in such moments
with that kind of perspective that one sees it
otherwise you take it for a granted routine

so kiss to the Universe
that sent me that Love message