Thursday, 23 March 2017

The magic of miracles

Indeed Universe Loves me..
I just heard a cute phone tone
and wished to get it...
and guess what appears on my screen?

someone answering the question i just thought
only in my mind
not even voiced it

and was told where to get it

I was told also within same time span
though both events are unrelated

the more mysterious something is
the more our mind take it for granted
that it understands it

is so weird
i have different people
yet is like each one complete each other sentence
i call it
Universe talking to me/ conversing with me

i think i won't like to understand a miracle
otherwise it would cut me from the expectation/excitation
of expecting a new one

and so i now understand
that indeed
"mind" or "thinking about it" cuts the flow of magic

Magic exists as long as you are a witness to IT
and moves on
..or gracefully? should i say