Saturday, 22 October 2016

K-drama W - part 4

the daughter of the creator of the webtoon

loved what she said to the creation (the male main lead)

that now there is no more god nor creator

let us create our story together

i found it again astounding and filled with wisdom

as a metaphor :

the girl represents the feminine principle of creation
and she unites herself with creation
as she shift from her world to his

and show that now that he has no more purpose to live
he should find another purpose
by creating a new one with her

lol she gave an idea of purpose
which is to live a romantic life
that is typical of what a girl would prefer

and the fun part
was him
asking her in 4 proposiion what kind of romance
she wanted

1-cendrillon type
2-romantic week end at countryside
3-romance in day to day life (giving space to little things with kindness in their romance)
4-erotic +18 love affair


i felt like falling off my chair when i read these proposition

he of course preferred the number 4

i am disgressing writing this here
but is for my fiancé
as the guy acted typically like him

he is all for number 4
while i was for number 3

like in the drama

the girl answered 3 using her mouth
while she had 4 fingers saying 3

lol i guess her body language was telling her inner choice? hahahaha

anyway this scene was so greatly transposed also in drama
i had to write it and wink at it LOL

back to the drama

the fact that she shifts from her world (of creator) to his (of creation)

was really beautifully portrayed in the drama
the transition was amazing
artisitically speaking
i can't comment i don't have the skill to say it
is a must see

but also was wisely used by the scriptwriter

as they use most of drama as a space to

i explain myself

in most stories
and they lived happily ever after
is show as last pic or last comment

but actually...

this is never shown over let's say majority of movie or drama episodes


as the dad creator said

being happy is boring
who would want to write such story...

besides is true which viewers would watched a boring movie
where everyone is happy ?
and there is no ups and down

nor any challenge??

but i guess is teh contrast that makes you appreciate happy and lovey dovey life
where we them both cuddling in front of a cartoon book
using it as a guidelines to pick from
what kind of scenario they want to create in their life from it

as unless you experiment pain as he did as a hero for 10 years
you can't really , you the viewer who followed him up to know
appreciate the happy parts that comes now

as is by contrast
only if pain, you can enjoy the happy moments

and you feel happy and not bored
as is a sort of reward for the hero and you too the viewer

but what i loved most above all
was the zoom in and out effect

am sure the viewers noted not

but as he was in a cartoon book

so has he taken a "romantic cartoon book"
to get inspired and CHOOSE with her lover
what day to day small kindness (cuddling, reading book, dish washingetc.)
would be best to pick up and follow

as a transient joy
and appreciate the  present moment

so a cartoon using a cartoon book
zoom in and out


plus undeniably
i love the enjoyment of little moments
yes transient moments and very casual are showed
how they are appreciated by them

normally is boring

because there are built on some tension...

tension being...that the main female lead can leave at any time
as she is not from his world...

is great!!!!

so as you have this tension on your life
you learn how to appreciate the beauty of transient moment
you learn in fact to breath life every moment