Thursday, 8 June 2017

Six Flying Dragons

Amazed at the deep spirituality reference
behind Korean movies

One is called The 6 Flying Dragons
Long serie

From the headstart
the name is appealing
as reference to Shakti

Second comes the crux of the matter
the Trust

the point of meeting
is called " The moment when Heaven and Earth meets"

with reference to politics
when a good timing, uncontrolled Event happen
in your favor
you call it "Heaven's Rain"

and when you realise who was the tool of that Heavenly rain
then the 3 people who meet out of sheer coincidence
recognise in each other face
the Face of the Destiny who created the whole Favorable Circumstance
for IT/The Big Event to happen

and they acknowledge it :
"Look is us, who are that Heaven meeting the Earth"

It takes a Great Insight
to be IN and yet also OUT to acknowledge
with Awareness to be part of the play
and recognise as a Witness to be playing that role
in all consciousness

moment of true enlightened script
if ever! in the story of cinematography

but then it depends on the watcher
to be able to see this moment as well

is why i am excited about it
and you may not be

the 3 guys
i realised
ended up being 3 channels

"in times of turbulences"
as quoted in the dialogue

the slayer got depressed
that so many should be sacrificed
for reforms to take place
as per cutting trees in favor of the Forest
his Earthly view opposing the Heavenly Overview
Sacrifices supported in the wake of the Greater Good
feels too much of a price to pay for it

is the victimised and emotionally depressed channel
in the time of Great Turmoil

the second channel happen
to be the Teacher or Mastermind of the plot
he got, as a true ego would,
why he (his will) has been BYPASSED
and his action not based on the purity of decision
he was expecting from its ally
such as seeking the purest determination from the bottom of the heart
of his supporter
but was tricked to ACT

bypassed by whom?
by the 3rd guy
a optimistic, a conventional-mannerism-forsaking guy
called rude! LOL i recognised myself in him
as he was rude while not having one iota of guilt for it
he was the Rider of the Time of Turbulence...
using "the sword that fits for time of turbulences"

Indeed the Rider
overlook and is untouched by the emotional casualities of a few for the Greater good
and it also bypass all foundation of action , including manners,
as long as it get things done as its End Goal
becoming the pathway leading to the Reform of society
where the weak ones can follow in his wake

the Rider-the Victim and the Fighter
the Central-the Left and the Right channels all meet
in the Cave in a moutain in the drama

and that meeting was called
"The Moment when Heaven met Earth"

Such a beauty...
You might not have understood it all
as i spoke about movie details
but in the great lines
am baffled at the spiritual image depicted in that movie
is so deep

and that is called Average Korean Historical Drama
i say average because is not being praised enough to be called exceptional
by International community

but truly i really feel in awe of this superb mix
of Spirituality conveyed in a Historical Drama
about the History of Creation of the Korean Country

This Heavenly and Earthly metaphor ...
is beautifully mentioned
i mean WHAT movie uses spiritual saying as a BASE and guidelines for its main plot..

Second, the movie is so beautifully  crafted to SHOW
in -real- time the FACE of this sentence (no more abstract words...of philosophy..they put a face/circumstance to the words.)
by showing how 3 rivers converged in the cave
out of sheer coincidence
hence the long use of flashback in first 10 episodes

and how in this cave
in this mountain
the spiriual/heavenly metaphor
chiselled its image on earth
by dividing itself into 3 men/channels/rivers

who happened
and that is the 3rd amazing stuff
to recognise each other
as the 3 necessary actors who ARE witnessing
a situation which 1 minute before
they were all wondering about
"who created it" or "who is the unknown power leading its manifestation/creation"

BRAVO! to the scriptwriter, plot writer and what not....
Is a MasterPiece for me!