Saturday, 19 November 2016

Evil Eye - Energy of Love and Hate

Evil eye exists
and here it is what it is about
roughly speaking :

A person does not consciously
says ok i wish harm to that pretty stuff you are wearing or possessing

is just she will look at it
and you or your stuff will get spoilt

like once i wore a nice pearly brand new bracelet
the girl looked at it
it broke down on the spot! LOL
and pearls scattered all over the floor
was brand new!

same i was wearing my brand new Bordeaux colored handbag
as soon as a girl slowed her pace to check it
and paff scratched!

wearing my brand new
navy blue heals
so impressive
the girls just went behind me LOL
to have leisure to check them
of course i was hearing their comments
and paff! on spot it got unsew


but today was dangerous

i told a friend
to call me later
as i was driving

already had a list of such experience
with her
but today was too dangerous

was the car ..
i was about to have an accident!

on LAST MOMENT Divine power helped me
cause in NORMAL SCENARIO  i was done!
i just got saved..
cause i literally felt my car being pulled back
and the car in front had the "luck" to intuitively move on left
as he was trying to quickly take over other cars
and i had the lucidity to turn car on my right

but clearly
if i had NOT felt that being pulled back
i was done!

so thank you Spirit...

but this friend ...
not her fault
but is her residual
hateful and unconscious energy

here is how evil eye works :

Imagine some past traumas
which happened to you
those are recorded as images
and have some energy
the evil eye as we call it
is about projecting the energy
from the past trauma -without the images-
on someone

so is her energy projecting without the images

so i had to purify the car
which was affected by negative energy
as i felt just floating in it
no stability
and felt not clear headed
nor well

As everything is made of God energy
because GOD is everywhere
so God/Love means unity or working together ..see?
so all of sudden the car
good energy left
there was an energy of hate
which was dissonant with mine

no love = no unity= no work together
and indeed no more harmony nor unity
so atmopsher in car changed all of sudden after that conversation

So i was being rejected by my car
which was now full of NON LOVING energy

Everything is made of GOd energy
God is even in inanimate object

so i had to purify the car
i just went out
and put my hand on itand said it like 10 times
i love you car

then i felt GOOD
and could drive it with no more incident
and rather felt so comfy driving it again..

and the amazing dynamic i understood today

is that when stuff works
is because you are one with the object
and that is Love
not an emotion
but the unity in action

all of sudden
my car was filled with hateful energy
just because i drew someone's attention on it
what we call evil eye
again is not a conscious stuff that my frind did
but is just her trauma affecting my car  and me

once i said those words
it stopped the hate from the other which she put in the car

same if you have a stuff you love
just say to it often you love it
so it ll prolonge its life with yours
same for people
say it to yourself
i love you so and so
no need to tell them
and it will prolonge their ties with you

and that working together will last longer

incredible learning

if you SEND LOVE to objects
they will be WORKING with you

and another thing i learned is that Love and hate
are both needed
as Love alone without challenge is no point for universe to exist
and hate without love
there would be no Grace

so another lesson for me
Love and Hate co exist for universe to exist as it is

so yes evil eye is not intentional
but it sucks!

 Love to Hate
and by the way

We are never getting older LOL
lol i should start hiding my age
people think i was 24 while i am 34
but now i was told i am looking 16... twice..
luckily i don't need to show my ID card to buy cosmetics hahaha

Enjoy the song

The Chainsmokers - Closer